This page regroups information about kalliope project.

General information

See Kalliopé in action

Videos are in French but I’ll add subtitles to them shortly, maybe I’ll do an English version later on…

TODO video

  • reminder
  • wwtime
  • domoticz integration

My neurons for Kalliopé

  • Available orders: Give you all available orders
    status: working
  • Domoticz: Manage domoticz via Kalliopé
    status: in dev and not finished
  • Google Calendar: Get your next event from your gCalendar
    status: working
  • Google Maps: Give distance or itinerary via GMaps
    status: working
  • MPD: Control an MPD server via Kalliopé
    status: working but alpha version - tested only with mopidy
  • PiCamera: can take picture via the PiCamera
    status: proof of concept
  • Repeat: Let Kalliopé repeat what you say. Main use is via the API.
    status: working
  • System status: Give back data about Kalliopé operating system
    status: working
  • Tototxt: Manage todolist compatible with todotxt format
    status: working, but not 100% feature coverage yet
  • Uber: Give you a time for a driver to arrive and can give an estimate for price and drive length.
    status: working
  • Web scaper: Get data from site without API or RSS
    status: working
  • World wide time: Get the time of any city
    status: working

My scripts for Kalliopé

Blog posts about Kalliopé