This section is still in construction and is displayed here due to the “release early, release often” principle. I’ll keep this area up to date with the evolution of Pimaton.

This page regroups information about my PhotoBooth application Pimaton.

The goals are simple: Easy to install (via pip), fully configurable (via yaml file), takes pictures when triggered (configurable number, size, input, …), then generate a final picture with all the taken pictures to be printed (optional) and/or sync to a web server (optional).

Here is a quick youtube video of the project.

Code is on Github and the README contains the most up to date docs and info about the project

Quick overview:

Goals were/are simple: easy installation, extensive configuration with multiple options and

  • It’s installable via “pip install pimaton”.
  • Two mode available: GUI (with python TK) or TUI. App can be triggered by touchscreen/mouse or keyboard. I’m planning to add a GPIO option too (to add a big hardware arcade button).
  • Almost everything can be configured in a yaml file (from size of taken pictures, thumbnails, texts). Some features are optional, like actually printing the file or syncing them to a web server (not done yet).
  • The printed image can be customized via a template image to add things like texts (eg: “Wedding of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala”) and/or adding decoration (eg: small light saber icon eveywhere). The app let you genrate a blank template with the placeholder for the image to simplify the template configuration.
  • And a lot more done or planned :).

To find out about the full roadmap/features, you can read here

The Full Journey of creating your photobooth

(Articles - Work in Progress)

My Blog Post about Pimaton