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Enable flash capabilities


Enable printing

      # If pimaton should try to print the generated picture.
      enabled: true
      # The rest of the options are only needed if pimaton[enable_print] is True.
      user: 'pi'
      # If it's not the default printer, change this.
      printer_key: 0
      app_name: 'Pimaton'
      # If Like me, your printer doesn't like receiving 2 commands too fast,
      # you can set a timer between each print command.
      time_between_print: 5
      # If your printer works faster if you wait for the previous job to be finished.
      wait_for_finished_job: true
      # Options to path to pycups printFile method
          # Options must have string key and value, do not remove the quotes.
          fit-to-page: 'True'
          # To print multiple copies:
          copies: '1'

Rsync to remote server:

  # Synchronisation options.
      # IF you want to enable synchronisation to a remote server.
      enabled: true
      # You need to have configure an ssh key without password for this.
      destination: "login@server.org:/destination/path"
      # The directory to sync.
      source: "/home/pi/pimaton_pictures/"

Autostart Pimaton


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